Classes at Yearbooks Northwest

The workshop is a mix of large lecture-style general sessions & smaller breakout sessions. All participants will attend the large group sessions and will have the option of attending whichever breakout sessions best fit their interests & staff needs. Large-group general sessions will be taught by keynote speaker Steve Kent, and will include topics to educate, entertain and inspire you to take your yearbook to the next level.


source site TECHNOLOGY: Beginning eDesign, Advanced eDesign, eDesign Advanced Photo Tools, Beginning InDesign, Advanced InDesign, Photoshop for InDesign Users, Open Lab VISUAL: Design Fundamentals, Advanced Graphic Design, Pin It! Design It!, Open Design Lab

VERBAL: Interviewing, Captions, Alternative Copy, Writing Yearbook Copy

LEADERSHIP: Editorial Leadership, Adviser’s Toolbox, Workflow & Deadlines, Creating Community in the Classroom, Ladder Planning, Adviser Roundtable

PHOTOGRAPHY: Beginning & Advanced Photojournalism, Lighting, Composition and more.  (students in the Photography Track attend all photography breakout sessions), Plus a breakout session: Photography for Non-Photographers.

GENERAL: Theme Development, Fundraising, Defining Voice, Expert Q & A, Creating Teamwork,  Yearbook Marketing, Yearbook Business, Umbrella Coverage