Willamette University campus hosts yearbook campYearbooks Northwest is held on the beautiful Willamette University campus in Salem, Oregon.

Residence Halls: Residents (staying overnight on campus) will stay in residence halls (dorms). Students will share a room with a roommate (mark your preference on your registration form.) Advisers will have single rooms. Males and females will be housed in separate facilities.

Meals:  Residents will eat in the campus dining hall, which offers a variety of options (including vegetarian and for those with special dietary needs). Residents will be served all meals on campus during the workshop, and commuters will be served breakfast and dinner.

Activities:  Much of  our camp is spent learning and training, but we also schedule in plenty of group work time for school staffs to work together and complete a theme / design project — having you leave with your 2019 theme, cover, endsheets and page designs in place.  And don’t worry…there will be fun built in as well!